Online Company Registration
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Icon Register your company online in minutes using secure submission to ASIC. ACN and all legal documents delivered to you within minutes. All for just $583 (includes $506 ASIC fee).
Ready To Register a Company?

Here is the information you'll need

  • Applicant details
    Applicant details
    Name and contact details of the applicant
  • Business Details
    Business Details
    Address and contact details of the business or organisation
  • Additional Information
    Additional Information
    Details of each person or organisation associated with the business (e.g. partner, director, secretary or shareholder)
  • Company Structure
    Company structure
  • Director’s Information
    Director's Information
    Place and date of birth for directors and any secretaries (must be at least 18 years of age)
  • Shareholders
    Details of shares issued
  • Credit Card
    Credit Card
    Credit card details (please note that we only accept Visa and MasterCard)
Don't Have All The Information Handy?

No problem! You can start the form now, save what you've done, and come back later once you have all the information. You'll have up to 28 days to submit your application before it's deleted.

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What Happens After Company Registration is Completed
Why Use Us?
    • Want to use your existing business name for the company registration?
      To register a company name that is same as a registered business name, the holder of the business name must be a director or shareholder (member) of the company. You’ll receive a message that your proposed company name is available subject to manual review as it is the same as a registered business name.
      If the name is held by one of the proposed directors/shareholder that you will enter later in the form ASIC will approve the company name. This will not transfer your business name to a company. You will have a registered business name and a registered company.
    • What is the right legal element to choose for my company registration?
      All the options have the same legal meaning. The choice comes down to your preference.
    • What does it mean when it says name is available for company registration but will be subject to manual review?
      A name can be subject to manual review for reasons such as the name is identical to an existing business name, the word(s)were not found in the Macquarie dictionary etc. An application can only be approved during business hours, so this may delay your application.
    • Can I change, cancel or resubmit my online company registration application?
      Once the application is submitted you will not be able to make any changes or cancel it.
      When the name availability displays manual review and ASIC rejects the application you will be able to log into your account, make the change to the name and resubmit. No extra charges for resubmission.
    • How Long does it take to receive the legal documents after I complete the online company registration?
      It usually takes 10-15 minutes to complete the online form.
      If their is no manual review you will receive the ACN and company documents within 5 minutes of submission.
      When the name availability displays manual review and ASIC takes 15-30 minutes during working hours to approve after submission. You will receive the documents within 5 minutes of approval