Business Name Registration

Secure your business name in less than 10 minutes

Business Name Registration

Secure your business name in less than 10minutes

Real Time Business Name Registration For $46/year !

No Credit card

Ongoing Support after registration

Trusted ASIC

Hassle Free

Information You Need to Register
A Business Name

You can use an existing ABN or apply for a new ABN along with your Business Name Registration application

Available Business Name which you can select using the Business Name Availability tool above

Address for the business and the applicant

After you submit your application

We submit your application to ASIC real time and register the business name for you. At this stage you will be able to see your Business Name Application lodged under a Document number

As soon as a document number in allocated your Business Name is not available to anyone else and is allocated to your ABN

Within 2-3 business days you receive your ASIC Business Name Certificate

What is a business name?

A business name is a name/title using which an entity (company/trust/partnership) or an individual as a sole trader conducts a business.

A company as such does not need a separate business name, it can trade under the company name. But if the company say “Television Pty Ltd” wants to trade as “The TV company” they will need to register the business name “The TV company” if available.

Similarly, if “Dr Get Well” as a sole trader wants to trade under his name, he can but if he wants to trade as “Get Well Clinic” he will need to register the business name “Get Well Clinic”.

Is the business name available?

Using the above search box check if the name you want is available. Our system checks the ASIC records and will let you know if the name is available.

What is the fee for Business name registration?

You can register your business name with us for $88 for 1 year or $138 ($46/year, value for money) + GST for 3 years.

Protect your brand

Registering a business name is an important first step to securing your brand. Next, you should secure your domain name and consider getting a trademark.

5-10 minutes after you submit your order the name will be reserved and will show as not available on the ASIC check availability tool. Your Business Name Certificate will be emailed across to you as soon as we receive it from ASIC.

A Guide on How to register a Business Name in Australia

In simple terms, a business name is any name under which an individual conducts a business. If you are not trading under your own name or do not fall within an exemption, you must register a business name in Australia.

As a company is a separate legal entity registered with ASIC in Australia. If a company wants to carry on business using its own name without legal terms like ‘pty’ or ‘ltd’ etc, it needs to register this name as its business name. The company may also choose to use a separate name altogether. That new name needs to be registered as well.

Factors to Keep in Mind before Choosing a Name Before going for the long process of business name registration in Australia, you need to decide on a name. Don’t choose a random name. Your business name is the identity of the work you do. The business name you choose should –
  • Represent the advantages you will provide against your competitors
  • Support the image that you want to communicate to your customers
  • Not have a different meaning in another language
  • Not offend anyone in any way
It would be better if the name you have chosen for your business is –
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Easy to remember
  • Is simple and easy to spell
  • Descriptive – it should, to some extent, represent your identity to your customers
  • Distinctly different from the business names of your competitors, so that there is no confusion

Business Name Check in Australia

There are thousands of businesses registered with individual names in Australia. So your business may not be able to get the name you are thinking about. Only if you are lucky the name might still be available! It may be that the business name you have thought about –
  • Is being used by another business
  • Has been trademarked
  • Has been registered already as domain name
To check business name availability in Australia, you can simply use our search tool! This is the most convenient and simple way to go about it. After the Australian business register search, comes the real hassle of actually getting the name registered! You can use the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) connect for the purpose. For this you would either need to have an ASIC Connect account or register online. First time users may be a bit bewildered with the array of right boxes to tick and links to click on or options to choose from drop-downs. You will also have to meticulously fill in your ABN, business name holder details, addresses etc. If you are not confident enough to do all this on your own and want a faster solution, there’s an easy way out! Company4Me will do the job for you. You can use our online tool to check if the name you have chosen for your business is available and then completely bank on us to get it registered. For a reasonable fee Company4Me does all kinds of work dealing with business name register in Australia and business registration in Australia.


Yes, you can use your home address.

Registering a business name is not protection against claims for potential trademark infringement. Check for potential infringements https://search.ipaustralia.gov.au/trademarks/search/quick.

As part of the business registration process, we will provide you with an ASIC key using which you can update your details anytime