Change Company Details

Add or Remove Company Director and Update Business Address Details

As of November 2015, changes to company details have to be made online. ASIC has discontinued the paper form 484. You need to submit a Changes to company details (address, officeholder details, etc.) form within 28 days of the change occurring. Otherwise, ASIC late fees apply. When you submit the form through Company4Me your changes are sent to ASIC server real-time.

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Register Updated Company Details in Australia with Company4Me

It is mandatory to report to the ASIC and get the change registered if you remove a company director or add a company director, update business address, update company address or any other important change. This has to be done within 28 days of the change.

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The following types of business details should always be kept updated with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission –

  • All kinds of addresses like postal and business address
  • Online contact detail like email id
  • Contact details of authorized persons in your company

Details of your company that need to be kept up-to-date with Australian Taxation Office and Australian Business Register are –

  • Contact details like postal and business address
  • Email id
  • Information related to financial account
  • Main activity of business
  • Contact details of authorized person
  • Trustee names
  • Australian Company Number
  • Australian Registered Body Number
  • Associates
  • Public Officer

In the course of running a successful business in Australia, your company or business, your associates etc may undergo numerous changes. The majority of the process involved with getting these changes registered is online since November 2015. Since then, the ASIC has discontinued paper form no 484. Still, the process includes quite a few hassles.

All changes can’t be registered in the same website. Separate changes are to be registered in separate websites of the ASIC. You may have to sign up for online access. After that too, the process involves numerous complicated steps like registration for availing online services, filling up online forms etc.

Some might find the whole procedure quite intimidating. You may be so intensely involved in the running of your business that you may find it impossible to take time out to fill online forms, check up on updates or follow up. Moreover, if you are late, the ASIC charges late fees.

There is an easy solution to this problem! This is where Company4Me comes in! You can simply visit our website, enter details like full name, email id and phone number, click on the box that speaks about the change you want to update and submit. That is all! It is simple and easy as it can get.

Company4Me charges a nominal fee to make the following changes–

  • Change of address
  • Appointment of office holder and respective details
  • Removal of office holder
  • Change of office holder
  • Name change of ultimate holding company
  • New ultimate holding company
  • Ceased ultimate holding company

The changes made with Company4Me will update you company registration number in Australia with ASIC in a completely hassle-free manner! We are a registered CPA firm, tax agents and ASIC registered agent who specialise in assisting businesses with company detail changes. To update company details listed above or to register new details related to your business and your company, bank only on us!