About Company 4 Me – Australian Owned & Operated

Who we are

Company 4 Me has been setup with a goal to make it easy for Australian entrepreneurs to start and run a business. We sort out the statutory requirements (company registration, ABN, business name, trust setup) so that you can focus on getting your operations started sooner rather than later and spend time dealing with your customers rather than worrying about the daily accounting and website maintenance.

Simplest Business Name Renewal. 5-minute renewal from $46/year

No Credit card

Ongoing Support after registration

Trusted ASIC

Hassle Free

Company 4 Me Difference

It can be confusing and challenging when you take first steps to start your business. We are here not only to make it easy to setup a business but also help you succeed (website, online marketing and efficient bookkeeping).

Instead of 3 different companies (Accountant to setup a company/get a business name/ABN; Web Developers for setting up a website and advertising; bookkeepers to manage daily accounting) deal with one and get all the services effectively handled and integrated into a coherent package.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide easy start-up, efficient bookkeeping and convenient web services in one place that can be integrated to fully utilise technology for your benefit. We are a tech savvy company were the team brings diverse functional expertise from finance, statutory, commercial and marketing to provide you the benefit of our learnings. The business was setup in 2012 to fill a gap in the service proposition and provide businesses effective package solutions to start a business, manage statutory/accounting services and provide growth through effective online marketing.

Our Promise

Our Promise is to get you started as the earliest so that you can start making money sooner. And keep your business running efficiently with smooth backend operations (bookkeeping and website)



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